• Question: what levels did you get in science when you were younger?

    Asked by cerysgreenfield to Daniela, Hannah, Ian, Jono, Mark on 20 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Mark Hodson

      Mark Hodson answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Hi Cerys,

      I did GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics (and English, Maths, English Literature, French and Geography) and got grade As in all of them apart from English and French which I got Bs in.

      Then I did A’ levels in biology, chemistry, physics and maths and got grade As in them as well.

      It’s always nice to get top grades but I know lots of really good scientists who didn’t get such high grades in their school exams. The key thing is having an interest in the subject.



    • Photo: Daniela Plana

      Daniela Plana answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Hi cerysgreenfield!

      We had a bit of a different system where I went to school, but I guess I got the equivalent of As in most science-related subjects (chemistry, biology, earth science), except for physics in which I normally got Bs. Which is a bit odd, as what I do now is actually classed as “physical chemistry” 😉

      How do you do in your science clasess?

    • Photo: Jono Bone

      Jono Bone answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Hi Cerys,

      It was a while ago so its hard to remember. At GCSE I got an A in Maths, Biology and Chemistry and a B in Physics. At A-level I got an A in Biology and C in Chemistry and Maths. I also did AS-level Physics and got a B.

    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hi cerysgreenfield,
      So everyone above had A or B. But I didn’t!! I got great GCSE 4 A* and 6 A so everyone thought I would get all A’s at A-level, but I didn’t.

      Things happen in life that can have an impact on your study…..because of this I ended up getting B’s in A-level (in biology, maths and chemistry). (I needed two A’s and b to get into my course…………. BUT I did end up doing my course (brain science). Why??…. because I worked hard. I kept working hard and I wanted to show people that just because your grades might be lower than expected, it doesn’t make you less smart than others.
      Now I have a degree in Neuroscience, A masters in Neuroscience, another masters in Psychology and I am studying PhD in Neuroaudiology.

      Grades are so important, but so is experience and pure determination. If I gave up and started to think I failed because of my grades, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

      I am so passionate about science and that passion has stopped me from giving up. I am determined to be successful as a brain scientist and all the work I have done after A-levels has made up for my low A-level grades by working very very very hard at University.

      So to make life a bit easier for you, try and get the best grades you can in A-level, but if you don’t get the grades you want, don’t feel sad. Just keep pushing and stay passionate about your dreams and you will get there!!!!!


    • Photo: Ian Wilson

      Ian Wilson answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hey Cerys,

      I got A* in all three sciences at GCSE and got an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry at A level (in the days before A* grades at A-level).