• Question: How come no female scientists never really get spoken of? are they worse then male scientists?

    Asked by harrietellisdon to Hannah, Ian, Jono, Mark on 26 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Ian Wilson

      Ian Wilson answered on 26 Jun 2013:

      Hi harrietellisdon,

      Nooooo, female scientists are definitely not worse than male scientists!

      The problem we have is that, until about 60 years ago (maybe less), men were thought to be better than women at things like science. Mostly, it was men who thought that men were better than women, but they had power so their views stayed around. So science was seen as something men did.

      That’s why most of the famous scientists from years ago are men – they were just the ones who did most of the research. But some women did ground-breaking research – Marie Curie did incredible work into radioactivity. Rosalind Franklin is now thought to have played a key role in the discovery of the DNA structure, even though 2 men (Watson and Crick) took all the glory.

      As women have been given equal rights in a most things now, this is changing massively. Women are being recognised as being capable of being good scientists. Just look at Hannah in our group – she’s a fantastic scientist! There are still more older male scientists than female scientists but in the younger group like us, females are getting more of an equal chance so you’ll hear about more and more female scientists in the years to come!

      Hope that helps,


    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 26 Jun 2013:

      Hi Harrietellisdon,
      Your right, women scientists never get the spotlight, always men!!!! Why??? we don’t know!

      Science started in a world where men dominated everything, where women were not even allowed in school. So naturally it was a male dominated world. But things are changing, more and more woman are strong scientists and contributing a lot to research. So in years and years, more and more women will be more well known than men.

      But this is why I am doing this……to be the strongest scientist – to be the best and female scientist 😛

      Woman aren’t any less clever than men – we just let men take the credit 😛
      One day we will shine

    • Photo: Jono Bone

      Jono Bone answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      Hi Harriettellisdon,
      I completely agree with the guys below, female scientist just aren’t mentioned as much as male scientists because of the reasons listed. Hopefully we can change this. Female scientist are brilliant! My supervisor (she supervises my PHD and helps me create experiments) is a woman and it’s really great to work with her.