• Question: Does the ringing in the brain differ from person to person, with the same loud noise?

    Asked by h3rt5ph30n1x to Hannah on 20 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Hi h3rt5ph30n1x,
      Great question!!!! Yes, the ringing in the ears can differ from person to person. So in some people it can be a high pitch beeping noise, in others it can be the sound of a shower or running water. This is what makes my research so difficult, because if people suffer from different noises, then the brain is making them in different places. In our brain we have exact locations where high and low pitch noises can be heard. So if I found a cure for high pitched ringing, this might not cure people who hear low hissing noises.
      I wish sometimes the brain could be a bit more like our body, where you can just give it a tablet if something was wrong. But the brain is full of different pathways, different connections, so different sounds have different connections. This means I need to find lots and lots of different treatments for different people…..This will definitely keep me busy for a long long time 😀