Thank you from your winner Hannah

hannahbrotherton-wThank you so much for everyone that voted me!!! I cannot tell you how happy you have made me. Also a big thank you to the great scientists in my group…really close competition.

This whole experience has been great. I loved the CHATS, they were so fast-paced I have never worked so hard at my desk before 😀
The ASK questions were amazing and you were asking me things I have never thought about before. I am really happy to hear that a lot of you were starting to get interested in brain science. One of you even spoke about becoming a neurosurgeon.

This experience has been great, but the best thing about this competition was showing you how normal I am! You now know I love computer games, have lots and lots of adorable, cute pets, love haribo tangfangtastic and a good takeaway meal and love to be around my friends, living life to the full. So I am definitely not an old lab coat wearing smarty pants lol. Remember I am only 23…….still young and living life 😛

I am just big kid really. It just so happens that my curiosity as a child carried on into adulthood and I wanted to know more about life and everything in it 😀 This is what science is all about, being curious about everything and anything and trying to find a way to answer it.

The money will let me make lots of amazing activities which will be used for years and years. Also, I will be using the money to work with the University of Manchester Outreach project that already runs amazing activities at schools and events in Manchester. I will set up a twitter account and Facebook, so I would love to stay in contact with you guys through these. Chat to me about anything….you can ask me some scientific questions or you can just chat to me about what I am doing at work right now. I will also be setting up the YouTube page called ‘I’m a Scientist’ – officially named by Jonesc from Gresham school! :D. You can ask me things through twitter and I will hold a Q and A session on YouTube. I will also run some activities and experiments on this YouTube page.

I’m really keen to get started with these projects and remember, these are for you…so if you want me to talk about something specific or see an experiment – just ask me on twitter.

Finally, just another huge thanks for this wonderful prize. 😀
Keep loving science and remember Brain science is the best 😛

Also, Gresham school – a promise is a promise, see you in January next year!

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