• Question: whats your favouroite ice cream?

    Asked by xograciexo to Daniela, Hannah, Ian, Jono, Mark on 21 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Ian Wilson

      Ian Wilson answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hi Gracie,

      Easy one – honeycomb!

      There’s an ice cream place near me on the Wirral peninsular called ‘Nichols’. Their ice cream is famous and for good reason – it’s the best I’ve ever tasted! So maybe I should change my answer to anything from Nichols lol!

      What’s your favourite flavour?


    • Photo: Jono Bone

      Jono Bone answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hi Gracie,

      My favourite flavour is salted caramel.The sweetness and saltiness are amazing together!

    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hi xograciexo,
      Let me tell you a story…….I have been hunting, and I mean hunting the supermarkets for the new Ben and Jerry peanut Butter me up lol. It is a peanut butter ice cream with a rasberry jelly in the middle. I found it after 4 days of searching………its was soooo yummy in my belly lol

    • Photo: Daniela Plana

      Daniela Plana answered on 22 Jun 2013:

      Hi xograciexo!

      I like anything with chocolate!!!


    • Photo: Mark Hodson

      Mark Hodson answered on 22 Jun 2013:

      Hi xograciexo,

      Ben and Gerry’s Chocolate fudge brownie for me – good combination of different chocolate textures and tastes. I always have some to hand in the freezer. I find eating it late at night when I’m working a great comfort!