• Question: is your work life saving ? and what age did you think you would like to be a scientist ? katie xx

    Asked by katie12drury to Hannah on 16 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 16 Jun 2013:

      Hi katie12drury,
      My work involves finding a cure for people who suffer from ringing in the ears. Because of this constant sound they hear, they can suffer from other problems for example depression, anxiety and stress. This affects their life, their relationships with friends and family and work. If I can find a cure, I could help these people live a better quality of life. This, I think, is one of the most important things us scientists can contribute to the world (no matter how big or small).

      Hmmm…what age did I think I wanted to become a scientist.!? I think it was the first day I put on a lab coat at school (GCSE). I felt quite grown up and smart, but as the lesson started I didn’t feel quite as smart anymore. I had to mix two liquids, that created a gas (carbon dioxide). I could not understand how this happened, because I couldn’t see how the gas was made. This curiosity about something I couldn’t see got me hooked to science. People get uneasy when they don’t know something, but this is what I love. I loved not knowing and then trying to work out the answer. So apart from the amazing uniform lol, it was the curiosity to understand the things in life I couldn’t see. This is one of many things that got me interested in the brain. It is an organ in our body which we cannot ‘see’ how it works, for example we cannot see how our thoughts are created or how we dream. We have to use our imagination and our knowledge to understand how it functions.

      Luckily, I am a but of a dreamer and have a vivd imagination. Using this, along with my thirst for knowledge, I found science, especially the brain very very interesting.

      So me wanting to become a scientist started from putting on a lab coat during a school lesson around 7 years ago 🙂