• Question: how long does it takes for human to response

    Asked by jonochau to Hannah on 26 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 26 Jun 2013:

      Hi jonchau,

      So to let humans respond to things we need to make sure our brain is working top notch.

      Our brain needs to have three things:
      2)how neurons fire
      3) how they are connected. Neurons are like electric connections in the brain, like we have blood vessels for blood in our body. The neurons carry electricity rather than blood around the brain. and this electricity lets us think 😀

      so lets do some maths 😀

      The human brain has about 100 billion neurons.

      Each neurons fires about 200 times per second.

      Each neuron connects to about 1,000 other neurons. So… every time each neuron fires a signal, 1,000 other neurons get that information.

      Let’s multiply:

      100 billion neurons
      200 firings per second
      1,000 connections each
      20,000,000,000,000,000 bits of info transmitted per second

      Think about that:

      20 million billion bits of information move around your brain every second.

      that is faster than anything else in the world!!!!
      That is why we think, see, hear, feel instantly!!!!! This is how quickly human responds to things……because the information is whizzzing around at super speed.