• Question: have you ever thought theres more to life than science??

    Asked by coblaithmckenna to Hannah on 21 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Hannah Brotherton

      Hannah Brotherton answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hi coblaithmckenna,
      Do you know what, I ask myself this question probably every day.

      So science wise………Life is science. Everything that is life is here because of chemistry, biology, maths, physics. We wouldn’t be here if certain chemicals in the universe didn’t bump into each other and cause a bang, creating the earth. If we didn’t have a brain we wouldn’t be able to experience the amazing things in this world.

      But that question as to if there is more to life (my life specifically) than …….absolutely YES.
      Science is my passion, but I have interests and desires to do other things in the world. I love to explore and I’m curious about things. This is why I am going to see orangutans in the Borneo Jungle.
      But science lets me do these things. Without having this amazing job in science I wouldn’t able able to afford to travel or see my friends or family. Science Is my life, because it allows me to explore things and live my life to its fullest, which means doing things in the world that have nothing to do with my job 😀

      People can get very wrapped up in their jobs, but you need to make sure you balance your job and your real life. You should be so passionate about your job that you go to work because you enjoy it and because you want to earn enough to life your life to its fullest – anything that has nothing to do with your science job :D, like going to Australia or visiting the great barrier reef.